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You don’t get these kind of results without the unique talents of our people and our specialised way of working. We adopt a cooperative approach to working seamlessly with lawyers, industry experts, and counsel. We maintain these relationships with our clients so that we are always ready to deliver exactly what they need to succeed. We are well-capitalised, supporting every case until the end. Our enviable success rate proves that the way we work gets results.

Stolen Wages

Our History

Established over two decades ago in 1999, we are a leading pioneer in the litigation funding industry. As one of the earliest litigation funders, we have built up a wealth of experience and developed a diverse network of lawyers, insolvency professionals and industry experts. Our experience and successful track record means we are one of the most trusted litigation funders throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Milestone Cases

Over our two decades of funding litigation, here are just some of our notable cases.

Stolen Wages

A class action on behalf of indigenous workers who were subject to 'protection' legislation in the last century, seeking repayment of their wages. Commenced in the Federal Court in September 2016 with potentially up to 10,000 claimants.

Southern Response

A class action against a New Zealand insurer, Southern Response, for failing to properly indemnify policyholders who sustained significant damage to their residential homes in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. This action was commenced in the NZ High Court in Christchurch and is still progressing.

Centaur Mining

A claim by the Liquidator of Centaur Mining & Exploration Ltd (In Liquidation) (Receivers & Managers Appointed) against 7 creditors for receipt of unfair preference payments in the sum of up to $1.7 million each. All preference claims were resolved by way of settlement, with the exception of the claim against the Department of Industry and Finance which was successful in the Court of Appeal.

Travel Case

A class action on behalf of travel agents for unpaid commission on fuel surcharges which were charged by a number of airlines. After succeeding in its claim against Qantas the other airlines resolved the claims against them by way of out of court settlements. 

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