Tandem Class Action


Shine Lawyers, with funding support from Litigation Lending, has launched a class action against ISG Management Pty Ltd (ISGM), a subsidiary of Tandem Corporation, on behalf of telecommunication workers who, since 2011, suffered financial losses after entering into sub-contracting arrangements with ISGM.

In the action, Shine Lawyers will allege, amongst other things, that:

The sub-contracting arrangements between workers and ISGM breach the Fair Work Act and Independent Contractors Act in that ISGM misrepresented to workers that they were employed as sub-contractors rather than employees; and

That ISGM took advantage of the ‘Australian Apprenticeships Access Program’, a tax payer funded scheme, to train workers to provide telecommunications sub-contracting services to ISGM, working on the Telstra network amongst other things.

If you have suffered losses due to the alleged misrepresentations of ISGM you may be entitled to compensation. The team of class action lawyers at Shine have brought an action against ISGM on behalf of thousands of telecommunication workers, including vulnerable unemployed, homeless and indigenous Australians, and can advise you of your legal rights and options


We encourage all telecommunication workers who, since 2011, provided telecommunications technician services to ISGM, purportedly as independent contractors, to register their interest in participating in the claim here.